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German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Idaho

I think this is one of my favorite websites because I love the way it just came together. Scott has some phenomenal photography! The club has a lot of events going on and they needed a hub where people could go to get up-to-date information. We also set up newsletters to communicate directly with members.

We have a complex membership form, registration for club events including payments, and have set up Stripe payments for automatic membership subscriptions so no one has to bill people individually (really slick!). Cuts down on the work so they can get out there and be with their dogs.



Brenda is extremely masterful at what she does. I have appreciated her attention to detail and her creative eye when it comes to my personal stamp…

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Highly Recommend. Did a great job rebuilding our hotel’s website. Night and day difference. Communication was fantastic. Responded to every request quickly and created exactly what we wanted.

Very glad we ran into her and excited to have a great web designer for future little projects and tweaks.

Thank you Brenda!

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Creating a new website can be a daunting process, unless you work with someone as easy to work with as Brenda at Landmark Web Design. She was thorough, efficient and incredibly patient with me while the vision of the website unfolded.

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Absolutely the best!! Our business would not be where it is today without Landmark Web Design’s awesome services!! Highly recommended.

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She keeps her commitments, and stays on task all while patiently working with someone as myself that does not find technology intuitive.

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Brenda made me look like a rockstar on my new website! It’s modern, fresh, easy to navigate and looks amazing on all devices. I couldn’t be happier.

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