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Bruce C

Owner Castle Boatworks

I have gladly exploited the problem solving expertise of Brenda with Landmark Web Design four or five times over the past five years. One of the worst things I ever did to myself was decide to design my own website. I said, “Who needs a professional?”

If I learned from my mistakes, I would simply have gone to Landmark Web Design and had Brenda design me a site. However, I am one who likes to spend more time and money while painting myself in the proverbial web site corner.

Landmark Web Design, and for a very reasonable fee (especially considering I cannot fix the situation by myself) she leads me once again from non-function to function.
Without reservation, I recommend Landmark Web Design to all who need a seamless, easy web site experience.

I also recommend Landmark Web Design to fools like myself, who like to take the harsher, more expensive road too.