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Riverside RV Park

On the Banks of the Salmon River in Riggins, Idaho

This super cool RV Park in Riggins had a 20 year old website (did they even have websites back then? Oh yeah, i remember, and they were horrible!) so we created a bran new website with lots of photography to show off this sweet Park. Reservations request form that actually works, facebook integration, interactive google map so you can get directions to the park on your cell, phone numbers you can tap on to call, park layout map, live reviews link, events and campground rates.



Brenda not only created an amazing Website for our company but she has monitored and updated it as needed.

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In this day and age anyone is willing to build you a website, but can they actually do it great, Brenda can!!

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Brenda is extremely masterful at what she does. I have appreciated her attention to detail and her creative eye when it comes to my personal stamp…

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I do have to say she exceeded my expectations for my website. I pitched Brenda an idea, she ran with it and did a phenomenal job!

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One of the worst things I ever did to myself was decide to design my own website. I said, “Who needs a professional? Everyone!”

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She keeps her commitments, and stays on task all while patiently working with someone as myself that does not find technology intuitive.

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